Classic car oil, my thoughts

Classic car oil a must for classic cars or not? Some people do not tolerate anything else in the engine of their classic car, others think it is a lot of b*****!

classic car oilIn this post I will share my thoughts about this topic with you. I think that every serious gearhead knows that the price of engine oil for premium brands is too high. Marketing / branding tries to make people believe that a premium oil is a must have and budget brands are no good. But why? Financial gain! I personally have driven roughly 10  cars for private use in the last twenty eight years and have never noticed any significant difference in reliability or performance. Both with premium brands and with budget brands. The only thing that I look for is if the specifications meets the minimum requirements for that perticulair engine! And change the oil regularly.

But these cars where modern cars and not classic cars. I believe that in certain cases classic car oil is the right thing to use.

Use classic car oil if:

  • The car is a high end classic.
  • You drive a classic car every day for a long distance.
  • You go for a very, very long roadtrip.
  • If you believe it is the best thing for you to do!
  • If you think it is the best thing to “give” to your car.

Do not use classic car oil if:

  • The car is a classic that you enjoy but is not a high end one.
  • If you try to keep your classic car in shape but the maintenance cost low.
  • When your classic will not be driven daily.
  • If you think a premium brand is just all about marketing.

Classic car oil or budget oil, keep the following in mind:

  • Use what feels right for you and your car.
  • Modern engine oils can affect some seals and lines. Check if this is the case with your car (car – club, manufacterer).
  • Check your seals and lines periodically.
  • Most classic engines do not thrive on semi or full – synthetic oils. Unless the manufacterer of your car says otherwise, use a full mineral oil compliant with the manufacterers requirements!

These are just my two cents about classic cars and classic car oil…

If you want to know, I use castrol classic engine oil for the Ford Zodiac MKIII and it runs fine!