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The last update for the big Ford?

updateWill this be the last update? Who knows. I have to many hobbies, projects and interests and to little time. Sounds familiar? So I decided to make this the last post on this site (for now 🙂

Do not worry the Ford Zodiac will still be used, maintained and enjoyed. During the pandemic all maintenance has been done. New brake lines have been fitted, paint has been polished and the interior has been cleaned. The Ford sounds and drives still great.

Last post?  Time will learn…

Oil conversion kit for classic car

Oil conversion kit

It has taken a while but the oil conversion kit for the Ford Zodiac is finally installed! I bought the kit way back in 2017 but life intervened and it has finally been installed in 2020.

What is a oil conversion kit?

What is a oil conversion kit, also known as a oil filter adaptor;

Oioil conversion kitl filter adaptors enable older oil filter systems to use modern spin-on oil filters and are available for a wide range of classic cars. They are easy to fit and therefore make changing the oil filter a clean and simple operation.  The adaptors do not affect oil pressure switches, warning lights, or pressure-relief valves.

In many cases they will provide improved start-up oil pressure. This is due to the use of anti-drain valves in modern spin-on oil filters. Besides that all cars will benefit from the improved filtration found with modern filters.

Installing the oil conversion kit is pretty straight forward. I started the Zodiac and let it idle to get the oil in the engine warm. Then I drained the oil from the engine. After that I had to remove the tray for the battery to gain access to the old filter. The old oil filter came off fairly easy. It even did not leak a lot of oil, so no mess! A new seal has been fitted, the conversion attached and bolted on. And a modern spinn on oil filter is put in place.

The engine was filled with approxiamately 4.8 litres of new oil. Curious if everything was ok and no oil was leaking I started the engine. And it ran beautifully. No leaks or weird noises, everything fine! I lett the car stand for the night, checked the oil level agin and topped up the oil to the corrrect level.

All this took about 4 hours in total. No it is time for regular maintenance!