New water pump for the Zodiac

How hard is it to get a new water pump for a Ford Zodiac? It all started with a little trip on a sunny day…

new water pumpAfter a stop at a cafe I noticed that the big Ford was spilling (a few drops of) coolant on the parking floor. Because we were only a few miles from home, we decided to go home, drive slowly and hope for the best.

During the short drive the car lost more and more coolant, the temperature indicator went in to the red area and at our destination almost all of the coolant was gone. Inspection of the engine bay revealed that the coolant was leaking from the water pump.

The search for a new water pump.

Although the car is over fifty years old a lot of new spares (door cards, rear light lenses and most engine parts for example) are easily available. A new water pump for the big ford, unfortunately, is not one of them.

Very quickly I became aware that the only pumps available were refurbished ones. When I found one on a British site for a reasonable price and tried to order it the site crashed.  I send them an e-mail but the response took some time so I continued my search. This is when I found motomobil

These guys are from Germany but they have a lot of spares for old British Fords including the Zodiac MK1, MK2 and MK3.

I placed my order and within a few days the new water pump arrived. Complete with a new gasket and installation instructions. It even came in the original box from Ford! And when I send them my old water pump (in the original box and with the installation instructions) I even got some cash back!

Replacing the pump was straight forward and after topping up the coolant the big Ford was running smoothly again 🙂