End of year updates 2017

updatesTime for some updates. It has been to long since my last post. The last post was in September 2016. So what has been going on with the big Ford Zodiac? This year (2017) was filled with joy and laughter because of a newborn, but this left the Z a little neglected.

Tire updates

I did take a couple of fun rides. But they were short ones, about thirty minutes. One of these rides did not even last ten minutes.So what happened?

On a bright sunny day I drove the Zodiac from storage to my home. This is a very short four minute drive. I checked the oil level and such. Then I went inside to get a cold drink before my little ride would start. I got back by the car, got in, started the engine and began to drive off. At least that was what I wanted to do! But something was wrong. So I got out of the car and the first thing I noticed was a very flat right rear tire. I replaced the flat tire with the spare and the big Ford was put back in storage again. Because the tires were over thirteen years old I changed them for new ones. The Ford looks like new with these new boots. Now I just have to find a way to keep the whitewalls clean and brite.

Oil conversion kit

One of the updates I wanted to make last year was fitting an oil conversion kit. This will provide improved start-up oil pressure due to the use of anti-drain valves in modern spin-on oil filters. And classic cars will benefit from the improved filtration found with modern filters.I did order one but did not yet get around to fitting it. It is a pretty simple procedure and I think it will make a big difference to this classic car.

That all hopefully will happen next year. If it does I will write about the installation and results on this website. So keep coming back 🙂