Update beginning of year and plans for 2019

updateIt (again) has been to long since my last post. Time for some updates. The last post was in December 2017. So I did not update anything in 2018. To many hobbies and to little time, new job and so on. During the year the only update I made was on the technical side of the site. Writing articles did not happen.

So what has been going on with the big Ford Zodiac? Not much actually. The big Z was driven a couple of times with almost no problems at all. Just enjoying the ride and scenery. All on sunny days with no rain and no stress.

It had his new APK (Dutch MOT) and the carburetor had a good cleaning. Sometimes the car would not start at first attempt after being parked for about 5 to 10 minutes. Cleaning of the carburetor seems to have fixed this little snag. And the car runs a lot smoother now.

And what are the plans for 2019?

This year I will change the oil (and finally install the oil converter?). The big Ford will be moved (if possible) from the storage location to the house garage. This to get some serious interior cleaning done. That means that I want to clean the leather very thoroughly. I think the leather can look much better than it does now. And moving the Zodiac to the garage will make it easier to just get it out for rides. It also will cancel the rental fees for storage 🙂

Only thing is that at the moment the space in the garage is occupied by my other long time classic. This is a completely different kind of car than the Ford Zodiac. This particular car I have owned for 18 years, And now I am planning to sell it. More about that later.

And last but not least more articles and updates than the previous year!

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