Improvements for a classic car

Next step… Improvements

Improvements for a classic carOk, so now I was the proud owner of a 1964 Ford Zodiac MKIII. What to do next? Like most classic car owners I like the idea of Improvements for the car but I do not want to lose the ‘authenticity’. For me this means that improvements that make the car more reliable for everyday use are acceptable but they may not be seen on the outside.  I do not think that to improve a car like this means putting a big V8 into it.  For me that is modifying not improving your classic car. That does not mean that I do not like or enjoy the creative mindset of other people!

What to improve?

The Zodiac looks pretty decent on the outside and the interior is clean and complete. To get the big Ford looking any better it would require a bare metal respray together with a complete overhaul of the interior. And that just is not happening any time soon. It is the age old story of time and money that stands in the way. Sounds familiar? 🙁

For now I will concentrate on Improvements for the running gear only. Starting by replacing the coil, ignition cables and sparkplugs. And a electronic ignition unit will be fitted. This will make the car a lot more reliable, improve fuel economy, torque, power output and make the car more enjoyable overall.

There are lot of other (regular) things that have to be done. Like  changing the oil and brake fluid. Adjusting the valve clearance and checking other components of the six cylinder engine.

One thing that does not require changing or replacing is the exhaust. it is an aftermarket stainless steel  replacement that gives a nice ‘burbling’ sound. At low and higher RPM’s the sound this exhaust makes turns heads 🙂