Electronic ignition and classic cars

Electronic ignition for Z-cars

electronic ignitionElectronic ignition is one of the best improvements for a classic car. It does not interfere with the authentic look of a classic car. But electronic ignition will improve the reliability, overall performance and gas mileage! It is true that a classic ignition system will do the job, the downside of a classic system is that it requires regular maintenance. For someone like me (that has a lot of hobbies but is always struggling for time) fitting an electronic ignition is a win / win situation.

Installing the electronic ignition

There are two different ways you can convert the classic ignition system on the Ford Zodiac. Both ways are very easy to do and will take someone with modest d.i.y. skills only 30 – 60 minutes of his time. As long as all the necessary bolts and components are easy to remove and reinstall  🙂

Method number one is to replace points and condensor with a kit. Method number two is replacing the old distributor with a new one. One that has an electronic ignition kit installed. I opted for method number two. Installation of the new distributor is pretty straightforward. Do not forget to take your time, read the manual, pick the right tools, use common sense and label the parts that come off!

I also fitted a new ignition coil and new leads. And naturally I changed the sparkplugs also. If you want to know the modern equivalent of your old sparkplug than check this document.

The installation of the electronic ignition (and replacing the coil, leads and sparkplugs) has had quite an impact on the old Z-car. It starts better, the engine runs much smoother, torque has improved and somehow it feels a much more “solid” ride. I have not checked the gasmileage but I can imagine this has also been improved.